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Mustering the verve and warmth of an East Coast kitchen party, The Association of Artist-Run Centres from the Atlantic hosts the biennial gathering of Canadian artist-run centres in Charlottetown, September 21-24, 2017.

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Alexis Bulman & Norma Jean MacLean – Artist @ The Dominion Building image
Alexis Bulman & Norma Jean MacLean – Artist @ The Dominion Building

Located downtown sits a former government building that was converted into condominiums while the bottom floor, approximately 30,000 sq-ft, has remained in a gutted transitional state. Tarp It, Run a Cord focuses on the west end of this building, a vacant 6,259 sq-ft space with enormous windows, high ceilings, a non-functioning duct-system, construction lights, precariously placed tarps, staging, ladders, the reminiscence of a grid drop-ceiling, good-ol’ hazmat containment warnings, and a sprinkling of duct-tape throughout. In recent times the site held potential to be a working artist space. Tarp It, Run a Cord will consist of built structures informed by the architecture and the practical handling of the materials present- it will become an extension of the space to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between art and space while simultaneously speaking to the lack of artist spaces in Charlottetown, an urban area with frequent vacancies in commercial properties.

Nautalis presented by Or Gallery image
Nautalis presented by Or Gallery

Nautilus is an Or Bookstore kiosk in partnership with Flotilla 2017, and will be open in Charlottetown from September 21-24.

The Or Bookstore is a project of the Or Gallery in Vancouver, BC. The shop specializes in artists’ publishing and carries a range of books and printed matter including editions, artists’ books, monographs, design publications, local publishing, criticism and theory and journals and magazines. Our titles come from Fillip, New Documents, Publication Studio, Sternberg Press, Tsunami Editions, Urbanomic, Motto Distribution and more.

The Or Gallery is an artist-run centre committed to exhibiting work by local, national, and international artists whose art practice is of a critical, conceptual and/or interdisciplinary nature. Since its inception in 1983 the gallery has acted as a space for research, proposition making, conceptual experimentation and documentation.



Centre for Art Tapes image
Centre for Art Tapes

Join the CFAT team as we reflect on hierarchies and systems of power that exist within artist-run centres. Over the past year, CFAT has reformatted our staffing structure from a team of coordinators and one director into a non-hierarchical team. Through consultation with our membership and community, CFAT took this time of change as an opportunity to reflect on what CFAT is and vision how we can best serve our membership into the future. Through this examination, we confronted the ways in which power structures are embedded into artist-run cultures and ways in which we can disrupt them. All four CFAT staff members (Tom Elliott, Tori Fleming, Sally Raab-Wolchyn and Jesse Mitchell) will lead an open conversation on employment, power structures and the logistics of a non-hierarchical office.


Brandon Vickerd presented by Third Space image
Brandon Vickerd presented by Third Space

Sputnik Returned 2 is an exact rendering of Sputnik, a 20 inch diameter steel sphere with four eight foot antennas, installed as if it has crashed back to earth, its impact crunching a parked sedan. The sleek futuristic design of the satellite, resting lifelessly in car sized crater, recalls a modern day Icarus whose faith in technology lead to hubris and his imminent demise as he fell back to earth. Sputnik Returned 2 has a simple design, both streamlined and reflective, alluding to the space race of the 1950s. Today this design appears as a wonderfully crude relic of the period, a potential unmanned doomsday weapon mirroring the excesses of the cold war while also recalling the proto-modernist sculptures of Brancusi.


Sputnik plummeted into the earth’s atmosphere exactly four months after its launch, where it was incinerated – any individual with a passing knowledge of the atmosphere is aware that it would be impossible for a satellite remain intact upon re-entry. However, the narrative content of Sputnik Returned 2 asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief and engage in the metaphor presented by the object.

hannah_g – Artist @ Twitter, Instagram image
hannah_g – Artist @ Twitter, Instagram

In the spirit of coming together and the stories, incidents, and undocumented activity that will arise thereof, hannah_g will faithfully and partially recount and imagine the Flotilla gathering as it happens. During the formal and informal events of Flotilla, and from exploring its location in Charlottetown, she will gather long and short anecdotes in the form of ‘headlines’ and longer texts, both real and imagined, from delegates, attendees,  and inhabitants of the island to be disseminated via Twitter and Instagram. The anecdotes will run the gamut of factual, deadpan, funny, and serious in order to reconfigure intimate and intellectual spaces, and imaginatively interpret the gathering.  hannah_g hopes to convey the spirit of Artist Run Centres- experimental, thoughtful, mischievous, questioning, and performative- to those involved and the broader public.

Luis Jacob – Centerpiece Speaker @ The Delta image
Luis Jacob – Centerpiece Speaker @ The Delta

Flotilla is pleased to feature Luis Jacob as one of its Centrepiece Speakers.

Luis Jacob is a Toronto-based artist and curator whose work destabilizes conventions of viewing and invites a collision of meanings. He has achieved an international reputation, with exhibitions of his work at Montreal Biennial (2016); Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, and La Villa du Parc centre d’art contemporain, Annemasse (2015); Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College, Pennsylvania, and Limerick City Gallery of Art (2014); Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, and Centro Párraga, Murcia (2013); Witte de With, Rotterdam, and Taipei Biennial (2012); Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto, and Generali Foundation, Vienna (2011); Kunsthalle Bern, and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2010); Städtisches Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, and Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (2009); Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, and Hamburger Kunstverein (2008); Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, and Documenta12, Kassel (2007). In 2016, he curated the exhibition “Form Follows Fiction: Art and Artists in Toronto” at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto. In 2015, he co-curated the conference “This is Paradise: Art and Artists in Toronto” with Barbara Fischer, in collaboration with Kitty Scott.

David Bobier & Anna Karpinski – Artist @ TBD image
David Bobier & Anna Karpinski – Artist @ TBD

As community intervention, The Vibrational Mapping Project – Charlottetown, PEI mixes performance and documentation with participant/audience interaction and integration. Using various methods of audio recording and vibrotactile systems specific to David Bobier’s VibraFusionLab (in the form of wearable vests, body pillows, orbs, etc.), Anna Karpinski and Bobier will choose sites in Charlottetown where natural and/or artificial sounds are specific to their location. Karpinski and Bobier will engage with people they encounter in these locations and invite them to become participants in the intervention by recording the sounds and subsequently feeling them haptically. It will explore the notion of multi-modal literacy and self-expression in a relaxed and socially-minded way. Participants, whether deaf, disabled or non-disabled, will then be invited to express what they are hearing and/or feeling by hand gestures, body movements, vocal recreation, etc. thus completing the performance aspect of the project. With permission, participants will be documented using photography, video and audio recording.

It is hoped that at some later date this documented ‘gathering’ of sounds and responses can be exhibited together in both conventional and unconventional spaces.

Mireille Eagan – Centerpiece Speaker @ The Delta image
Mireille Eagan – Centerpiece Speaker @ The Delta

Flotilla is pleased to feature Mireille Eagan as one of its Centrepiece Speakers.

Mireille Eagan is Curator of Contemporary Art at The Rooms in St. John’s, NL. Prior to this, she was Curator at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown, PEI. Notable curatorial projects include: a national touring retrospective of works by Mary Pratt; “Mary Pratt: This Little Painting” at the National Gallery of Canada; an official Collateral Project at the Venice Biennale in 2013; and contemporary art exhibitions such as “Folklore and Other Panics,” “enter the fog,” and “In Some Far Place” at The Rooms. Her favourite karaoke song is “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

D’Arcy Wilson – Artist @ TBD image
D’Arcy Wilson – Artist @ TBD

The first public zoological gardens in North America opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the edge of the city, in 1847. At their peak, they stretched across one hundred acres of sprawling wooded enclosures. Their proprietor, Andrew Downs, tended to the animals himself, and he referred to the grounds as his Humble Memorial. Downs’ Zoological Gardens marked, perhaps, the first instance that the wild animal was placed in a “living museum” within a wilderness setting; hence, in spite of their proprietor’s sincere intentions, these gardens signaled a broken bridge between the colonial settler and the natural world. The public lecture and performance The Memorialist: Keynote Address illustrates this narrative while lamenting an impossible disconnect from nature, inherent in Western culture’s attempts to grasp it.

Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective  – Artists @ TBD image
Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective – Artists @ TBD

IPAC will be investigating elements of cultural and artistic exchange: exploring the influences and adaptations of the “Kitchen Party” since early contact of eastern Canadian settlers with western Indigenous peoples. We have found that Kitchen Parties are deeply rooted in the cultural histories of both the Maritime and Metis people. This is where stories were told, songs shared and dances performed, which have helped to define Maritime, Metis, and Indigenous cultures as a whole. Many of same songs and dances are performed by these groups, but with distinctions specific to their unique ways of speaking, and of being on the land. Sharing interpretations of land and language, through their songs and dance, has created shifts in both cultures over time. Reforming characteristics of these practices still integral to Maritime and Metis cultures today. There is opportunity to collaboratively explore the similarities and differences within these traditions, exposing audiences to the relationship between the Indigenous people of northern Saskatchewan prairies and Prince Edward Island.

IPAC would like to bring three Saskatchewan artists to collaborate in this project: Kevin Wesaquate (Indigenous spoken word artist from Saskatoon), Tristen Durocher (a young Metis fiddler) and Modeste McKenzie (Metis jigger and cultural interpreter, both Metis artists from La Ronge Sk). These artists will perform integrated traditional and contemporary collaborations of spoken word, jigging and fiddling through impromptu pop up installations throughout downtown Charlottetown.

Society of Anonymous Drawers – Artists @ Various Locations image
Society of Anonymous Drawers – Artists @ Various Locations

Join the masked members of The Society of Anonymous Drawers at their temporary headquarters, for an anonymous, uninhibited evening drawing extravaganza. In the Society’s tradition, visitors will be invited to don masks for the most thoroughly anonymous drawing experience. Draw on official Society letterhead and have your work catalogued for posterity in the Society of Anonymous Drawers online archive. All materials will be provided. All ages of drawers are welcome and encouraged.

Charles Campbell – Artist @ The Delta image
Charles Campbell – Artist @ The Delta

Responding to the histories of migration and settlement along the Atlantic coast, Victoria-based artist Charles Campbell will perform Actor Boy: Travels in Birdsong. Actor Boy is a persona derived from the Jamaican emancipation celebration Jonkonnu. As both witness and instigator, he brings these aspirations into the present, manifesting alternative possible futures.

Actor Boy will investigate the The Bog, Charlottetown’s historic community of African-Islanders, a marshy bird habitat that has since been paved over. With members of the Island’s black communities, they will create an auditory bog of birdsong, reversing perceived extinctions and restoring sonic and visual presence to historical erasures.

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